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Project Management
Via a project-based approach to a professional purchasing organization.

Project Management

Through a project-based approach, we professionalize – together with you – your purchasing organization. Based on your company vision, we develop a purchasing policy with an appropriate purchasing organization.

Pragmatic purchasing processes are being developed and we give specific shape to category and contract management.

We can provide sourcing experts who can optimize both direct and indirect purchasing costs.

Quick Scan

During a Quick Scan we will examine - during one day - your purchasing portfolio and purchasing policy.

Through a standardized questionnaire and short interviews we will scan your purchasing maturity.

You get an insight into your main purchasing expenditure and for every purchase category we discuss the high level of opportunities and best practices.

The findings and recommendations are bundled in a concise report that can be further elaborated in a full spend analysis and purchase year plan.

Spend Analysis

With a Spend Analysis, we go a step further and analyse your purchasing expenditure in great detail. From an analysis of your orders and supplier invoices, we make a category and supplier analysis. We benchmark your purchasing policy and organization, the purchasing strategy, the processes, tools, contracts and the procurement performance.

You gain insight into your purchasing maturity and receive a step-by-step plan for further professionalization. Furthermore, we define for each purchasing category the suitable strategy and the potential savings that can be obtained.

All findings are bundled in an extensive report that forms the basis for an applicable annual purchase plan.

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